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When you are working on a job at home or work, sometimes you need heavy-duty equipment, especially for digging. Excavators are excellent tools for digging any size hole. Excavators are also known as diggers, JCBs, mechanical shovels, or 360-degree excavators. They are used for large-scale projects and purposes, such as digging trenches, holes, and foundations. They are also used for material handling, brush cutting with attachments, forestry work, including mulching, demolition, general landscaping, and drilling shafts for footings. When you need an excavator rental, including a mini excavator rental in Pittsburgh, there are many choices of companies that offer these rentals. When deciding upon an excavator rental business, choose a reputable one that offers rentals based on the length of time the excavator is needed. In most cases, renting an excavator by the week or month is cheaper than renting by the day.

Different types of excavators can help with your digging needs. They all perform different tasks to bring about the same result: to move stuff. Some examples of excavators are boom lifts, earth movers, forklifts, and reach lifts. There are many sizes within each type of excavator.



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Boom lifts are types of machinery that have a long “neck” and an “arm” that holds a platform on which the person stands.These come in different heights and are great for projects such as painting tall buildings or structures and trimming tall trees. They come in heights from 34 feet up to 180 feet.

Earth movers perform exactly as their name suggests: they move or push the earth around. A great example of an earth mover is a bulldozer. Rugged and steady, these machines move dirt, rock, clay, and other material, from point A to point B. They move dirt by either pushing or scooping it.

Fork lifts are essential for moving massive amounts of products at a time. You most likely have seen forklifts in warehouse-type stores. They are used to move merchandise, as they can quickly move large pallets of items safely and comfortably at one time. There are standing and sitting forklifts, where the operator either stands or sits while driving the forklift. Fork lifts range from 3,000 pounds to 40,000 pounds. They are a heavy-duty moving machine.

Lastly, reach lifts contain an overhead arm that “reaches” for the target object to grab. They also have prongs that help slide the object from underneath, then secure it on the prongs to move the object.

Excavators have different attachments that work hard and help you get the job done. Whether you need to dig, scoop, or move something, excavators are an excellent tool. They serve many different purposes. And, there are many types, as discussed above, which can make a contractor or regular Joe’s job much easier and safer. So depending on what kind of material needs to be moved or what kind of job needs to be done, an excavator can help. Contact OEC Rentals for your excavator rental in Pittsburgh to see what type of excavator would be right for your home or commercial construction job.


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