Sometimes jobs around the at work require the use of a specialized tool or device. There are many instruments to choose from, depending on the situation at hand. When choosing which equipment to rent, it’s an excellent idea to discuss with an equipment rental business the type of job being performed. That will determine whether you need a backhoe, a drill, or some other type of machinery. At OEC Rentals, we are a trusted equipment rental businesses in Washington, PA and it’s surrounding areas.

For jobs that require you to reach tall heights, aerial work platforms, scaffolding devices, and ladders are your go-to equipment.

Electric scissor lifts are ideal equipment rentals for washing windows. Scissor lifts range from heights of 10’ to 13’ up to 37’ to 42’. They range from lightweight to heavy duty.

Air compressors and air tools are other popular equipment rentals for most tool rental businesses. Air tools are perfect for homeowners and contractors alike. For example, air nailers and staple guns are easy to use around the home for your do-it-yourself projects. Nail and staple guns are enough to use for roofing jobs, framing and thick, heavy-duty art, siding, and flooring. Nail and staple guns have many uses and are treasured around the home and on construction sites.



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Earth movers are another traditional equipment rental in Washington, PA. Examples of earth movers are backhoes, bulldozers and crawler loaders, excavators, including mini excavators, hydraulic breakers and demolition attachments, skid steer loaders, tractors and landscape loaders, trenchers, and wheel loaders. Earth movers do exactly as the name says- they move the earth. That is, they move dirt, gravel, sand, clay, and many other materials. They are great for scooping, pouring and dumping heavy loads of material.

Fork lifts are another reliable tool for carrying and moving objects. Forklifts reside at just about any warehouse-type store. They have heavy-duty prongs that scoop underneath large pallets of products. The “fork” can raise and lower to reach merchandise on the highest shelves, and bring them down to ground level with ease, and most importantly, safety.

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