OEC Rentals is a heavy equipment rental company located just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We have all sorts of heavy equipment available for rent such as dump trucks, excavators, and more!

Our clients can come to us and take the machine themselves and use their own men for operating the machinery and dropping back the equipment as contracted. Alternatively we can have your heavy equipment delivered and on-site. In that case, the client usually asks for delivery of their rented equipment to the designated location and our crew will have it delivered and on-site in a timely manner.

Heavy equipment rental doesn’t have to be intimidating. Rentals of such equipment should be based on needs, safety and security issues. That said, our company is able to produce the quality assurance for every piece of heavy equipment being rented. The equipment is regularly checked and kept in good shape. And each time you place a rental request you can rest assured on the quality of the machinery.

We take safety and security of the machinery operation very seriously and wish to avoid accidents and issues of security lapses with the use of this machinery. We usually advise our clients to use our heavy machinery with skilled operators as they are thoroughly familiar with the machinery and have received excellent training of the machine itself.


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We have raised the bar on quality assurance and wish to keep maintaining it and a loyal customer base. We are always open to any criticism or fielding concerns from our customers. Our help desk and helpline are always available for a cooperative response and are even available to be contacted upon any emergency related to the equipment around the clock. It is our job know and service our machines and have our staff get things up and running for you. This provides you with the best heavy equipment rental Pittsburgh has to offer!

Our rental rates are economical and competitively priced compared to market rates. We give our clients a chance to compare with other companies and assure themselves of the transparency in cost, quality service, and certified product they are receiving upon signing a contract with us. We are dedicated to having our clients place their faith in us and assure them of our commitment to their work and thus we are always available to hear and listen and provide anything that our clients need even after the rental of the machinery has taken place. Our job does not end at machine rental we are committed to our clients projects.


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