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  • At OEC we rent a variety of tracked dumper rentals for virtually any job you may have.
  • We can deliver our truck rentals across the nation.
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Track trucks are perfect pieces of heavy equipment when you need to transport loose materials on a recurring basis. Our track truck rentals help make your job and project run smoothly and provide many benefits over choosing to purchase. If you’re ready to get started on tracked dumper truck rental, contact us for availability by calling (724) 693-9188 today.

How Do Track Trucks Work?

Tracked dumpers give you superior traction and control where other dump trucks may not be able to. Ideally, they are used in applications where it’s difficult for wheeled dumpers: steep inclines, muddy terrain, or  wet ground. These crawlers can deliver impressive load capacity.

Since no two jobs are the same, their versatality is what makes these dumper rentals a great choice. In addition to power, they have simple controls that are easy to learn and use skillfully. Our team is experienced, knowledgable and able to help you understand all the necessary safety features and equipment functions. 


If you’re looking for a track dump truck for rent, than we can help you cover a variety of projects and jobs. Click the button below to get started!

Why Go with a Track Truck Rental?

Renting used makes sense for companies where budget is important or they are growing rapidly. A track truck rental is proabally the fastest and most cost-effective solution to get the job done. At OEC Rentals, we rent a wide range of brands, models and ages to suite your project needs.

What does a track truck rental cost?

Track truck rentals and the costs associated with them can differ based needs such as, length of your rental, size of the machine, transporation and any additional items you may require.  For specific pricing and information, contact us today or call (724) 693-9188 to get your order started.