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Long Reach Excavator Rental

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What Are Long Reach Excavators?

Long reach excavators are a very useful tool that used on construction sites. It is a digging machine that has a long “arm”, and a scooping giant “claw”. They are job-specific and used for a particular construction job. They are not just a general tool that has many different purposes. They are useful for digging deep trenches, mining sand and gravel, and a whole lot more. They have different lengths of attachments used for digging the shortest and longest depths and areas.

Choosing the right excavator can be a challenge, but there are some things to keep in mind. When choosing on an excavator rental, you must take into consideration the soil conditions, how compact the soil is, and finish grade tolerance. Grading is ensuring that the surface is level, or obtaining a particular slope. Therefore, you must consider how the excavator will handle on the type of surface you will be working.

Certain features of long reach excavators are especially desirable for digging. Long reach excavators have a proportionate boom and stick for an excellent ability to reach, whether at ground level, below ground, or close in proximity.


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Long Reach Excavator Rental

Long reach excavators have optional hammers, wheels, buckets, plates, and bedding boxes. These tools can be chosen depending on the type of digging job being performed.

Long reach excavator rentals are great for digging small-to-medium sized jobs because they have high-pressure hydraulics. These give the down pressure that needed for digging.

Long reach excavators have a deep box section and a boom and stick that provides the right strength-to-weight ratio and better bucket capacity.

The long reach excavator stick mounts directly to the excavator boom and is interchangeable with a standard stick. It is perfect for making sure you have the right attachment for each particular job.

Long reach excavators take the basic bucket, linkage, pins, and cylinders. These components make it easy to find the right attachment for each task, no matter what size.

Long reach excavators are ideal for giving more range during regular excavator work. They also allow for digging underground to help dig trenches, as well as dredging and digging bore holes. They are also suitable for a ditch, pond, and levee maintenance.

It is possible to find excavator rentals in Pittsburgh. There are many large tool and equipment rental places in Pittsburgh that can help you with your long reach excavator rental needs. A long reach excavator can help with many different types of digging projects. From digging ponds, trenches, levees, bore holes, cleaning out industrial waste pits, maintaining slopes along highways and roadways, and dredging, a long reach excavator can take care of all these types of digging jobs. Contact OEC Rentals to see about renting a long reach excavator for your next digging job. We can help get you set up with the right one for your job.


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